Curriculum for Scotland (Original App)

As a qualified Secondary Teacher I felt the need to be able to access the Curriculum for Excellence when I was planning or discussing my departments’ E’s and O’s. I couldn’t always carry the huge folder around with me, nor was it appropriate to use photo copied information as it used up valuable school supplies and took up further space in my bag.

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 So I built a simple application that would aid in storing my E’s and O’s for all departments, easily accessible and relevant in any meeting or group I was attending. I could even use it at parents night to show parents how E’s and O’s related to other departments and inter-related with my own.
The Original “Curriculum for Scotland” app doesn’t rely on data or wifi to run, so is great for using in a situation where you phone may have poor reception or need to be in airplane mode too.
You can find Curriculum for Scotland on the App store (iPhone users) and Play Store (Android Users).